Mexico Esmeralda

Region Oaxaca
Growing Altitude 1.100 to 1.600 meters
Arabica Variety Typica, Bourbon and Pluma Hidalgo
Harvest Period January- March
Milling Process Washed, Sun-dried
Aroma Floral
Flavor Complex floral
Body Round
Acidity Good, sweet
Cupping Notes Round body, complex floral flavor, chocolate,- good acidity, nice sweetness

Mexico SHG Finca Monte Azul

Region Monte Azul
Growing Altitude 1350 +m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety Bourbon, Caturra, Typica and Catuai
Harvest Period December- March
Milling Process Washed
Aroma Nutty
Flavor Sweet chocolate
Body Medium
Acidity Soft citrus
Cupping Notes Sweet, clean finish, nutty, chocolate notes, medium body, soft citrus acidity, stone fruit