Colombia Medellin Supremo

Region Antiquia/ Medellin
Growing Altitude 1100-1500 m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety Bourbon, Typica
Harvest Period October- December
Milling Process Washed, sun-dried
Aroma Cocoa
Flavor Nutty
Body Medium
Acidity Cranberry like
Cupping Notes Walnut, sweet, peach notes, cocoa, soft cranberry acidity, medium body, balanced

Colombia Supremo
17/18 Hulia

Region Hulia
Growing Altitude 1520- 1650 meters
Arabica Variety Caturra, Typica
Harvest Period October- February
Milling Process Washed, sun dried
Aroma Fruity, sweet
Flavor Caramel and tart fruity
Body Medium
Acidity Medium; balanced
Cupping Notes Slight notes of tart fruit, bittersweet, dark cocoa notes

Decaff CO2
Colombia Supremo 17/18 Medellin

Region Medellin
Growing Altitude 1200 masl
Arabica Variety Typica, Castillo
Harvest Period October- January
Milling Process Washed, patio dried
Aroma Clove
Flavor Ginger, dark chocolate, balanced
Body Full
Acidity Winey
Cupping Notes Exceptionally clean, sweet ginger, well balanced, round body, dark chocolate, slight stonefruit/ tomato


Smell Neutral/ normal
Appearance Conf. with description
Quality of roast Good roast
Acidity 7- good
Body 7- good
Flavour 8-very good
Number of Cups 7
Result Approved

Colombia Alto del Obispo

Region San Agustin, Huila
Growing Altitude 1750 – 1820 m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety Typica
Harvest Period October- Februrary
Milling Process Fully washed
Aroma Sweet and Fragrant
Flavor Green apple, Raisin, Pink lady apple, Guava, Star fruit, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Dry white wine, and to a certain extent, sugary pink lemonade.
Body Medium
Acidity High
Cupping Notes juicy mouthfeel; citrus acidity; clean finish.

Colombia Supremo 17/18
Huila Pitalito

Region Valley Laboyos, Huila
Growing Altitude 1300-1800 m.a.s.l
Arabica Variety Caturra and Castillo
Harvest Period October-February
Milling Process Washed, sun dried
Aroma Caramel
Flavor Sweet, Stone fruit, Caramel
Body Good body
Acidity High citric acidity
Cupping Notes Colombia Pitalito is recognized for having high acidity, good body, and stone fruit notes.

Colombia Altamira Excelso

Region Various regions
Growing Altitude 1520-1620m
Arabica Variety  Arabica,Cattura
Harvest Period  October-February
Milling Process  Washed,Sun-dried
Aroma  Caramel
Body  Medium
Acidity  Citric
Cupping Notes


Excelso Tolima

Region Tolima
Growing Altitude 1900m
Arabica Variety Caturra,Tipico
Harvest Period April – June and August – December
Milling Process Washed,Sun-dried
Aroma Vanilla, Spice, Nutty
Flavor Vanilla, caramel, hazlenut, almonds
Body Well balanced, clean, soft
Acidity Winey
Cupping Notes


Excelso Sierra Neveda Organic

Region Magdalena
Growing Altitude 900 – 1600 m
Arabica Variety Typica,Castilla
Harvest Period October-January
Milling Process Fully Washed
Cupping Notes Good, juicy notes of chocolate, cherry with an even acidity and solid body