Burundi Arabica Fully washed A 15 Plus
SFA Washing Station

Region Kayanza
Growing Altitude 1800-2000 masl ; 1980 meters
Arabica Variety Bourbon
Harvest Period March- June
Milling Process Fully washed
Aroma Citric, malt
Flavor Blackstrap molasses, lime zest
Body Rich, creamy
Acidity Bright, lemon lime
Cupping Notes clean, rich, slighlty caramel, sweat

Burundi Rugabo

Region Ngozi
Growing Altitude 1650 – 1800 mt.
Arabica Variety Bourbon, Typica (Jackson/Mibirizi)
Harvest Period March – July
Milling Process Fully Washed
Aroma Aromas of raisin and plum, berry flavour that softens to reveal a floral finish
Flavor Nutty chocolate and caramel notes
Body Heavy
Acidity High
Cupping Notes Berries, Very Sweet, Floral